Wine Tasting Report

Christopher Rath


I recently, June 2006, traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland and had a weekend free in which to do a little local exploration. One of the activities I undertook was to visit a local winery, Château de Glérolles, and do some wine tasting. The wineries in that region of Switzerland (called the Lavaux wine district) are mostly small operations who sell their wine locally and do not export their products.

I took a ferry down the shore of Lake Geneva from Lausanne to Rivaz, and the Château de Glerolles was a 5 minute walk from the small port in Rivaz. This winery requires a reservation for tasting wine, and I had called ahead to book an appointment for 1:00 pm. My travelling companion, Mike, and I arrived at 12:00, and the only person there was the guy who was going to run the tasting, Louie; he didn’t speak much English and we didn't speak much French, so we had to cope using our limited high-school French. Château de Glérolles charged 15 CHF for the tasting.

Here’s what we tasted and what I thought (listed in the order we tasted them). The non-numbered wines are two extra we tasted while at Château de Glerolles.

1. Château de Glérolles Grand Cru, St-Saphorin aoc (#10210) 2004 — White

2. Château de Glérolles Grand Cru, Réserver Blanche (#10275) 2004 — White

3. “18.07.05” Œil-de-Perdrix du Pays de Vaud aoc (#12480) Cuvée spéciale «Grêle» 2005 — Rosé

* “18.07.05” Assemblage de Céphages Nobles, Lavaux aoc Cuvée spéciale «Grêle» 2005— Red

4. Noble Cépages, St-Saphorin aoc (#12260) 2004 — Red

5. Pinot noir de St-Saphorin aoc (etiquette noir-or) (#12280) 2004 — Red

* Pinot noir de St-Saphorin aoc (#12270) 2004 — Red

6. Vendanges Tardives, St-Saphorin aoc (#10240) 2004 — White

7. Gewürztraminer, St-Saphorin aoc (#10250) 2004 — White

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