The Ladykillers---A Review

Christopher Rath


The Ladykillers, starring Tom Hanks (among others), had the potential to be a great film.  All the elements of greatness were present: a stellar cast, a solid original script, a clever new setting, and a well thought out revised story line.  But despite all these good ingredients, those responsible for creating this new version of the movie have failed---for along with the good elements they chose to poison it and make it unpalatable.

The ingredients:

The poison:

This new telling of The Ladykillers had the potential to be a classic that would be watched and cherished for decades; instead, it was a bad tasting confection: pretty on the outside but rotten and nasty inside.

From my vantage point, The Ladykillers is a symptom of everything that is wrong with Hollywood and society.  It's not "hip" to make family-friendly, profitable movies, so The Ladykillers isn't either of these things.

Very sad. 

If I were Tom Hanks I would be ashamed of how this movie turned out.

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