Review of Robert Critchley’s CD
“How Big Is He”

Christopher Rath


This previously unpublished review was private correspondence that I sent to Robert Critchley after purchasing a copy of the CD in early 1999.  That email is presented here as it had always been my intention to post this to; but somehow I never got around to it.

From: Christopher Rath
Sent: Saturday 8/21/1999 11:07 PM
To: Rob & Dawn Critchley (E-mail)
“How Big Is He”


I finally, after months of delay, ordered a copy of “How Big Is He?”. Once again, you have not disappointed us. I thought I’d jot down my thoughts and reactions as the CD plays over the next couple of weeks here in my computer.

Mercy Over Me—having grown accustomed to the version of this song that’s in the Song Resource Pack, it has taken me a few listens to get used to this new version. I’ve just taken a moment to listen to the two versions, back to back, and I miss the acoustic guitar in the new version; also, the old version seemed a little more “open”, but it’s hard to put my finger on this one. I like the backing vocals more in the new version and I think they’d be even better if the female backing was stronger: more of a gospel choir sound.

Great Big God—much improved over the Song Resource Pack version. This one rocks along better; the tempo is a bit faster, but the rhythms are a little more infectious too. I’d like to hear the piece with a little more reverb on the lead vocal though. Towards the end of the song you almost slip into a Jim Morrison organ groove, but you manage to skirt the edge just right.

Not To Us—not much to say. It’s a nice song. I especially like the chorus, very memorable; I’ve found myself singing it to myself in the shower a couple of times since I received the CD.

To Jesus Be Glory—we use this song with the congregation on Sundays. It has been very well received. (I like the song too!)

Love Will Teach My Heart—this one caught me by surprise… a nice quiet tune, and then suddenly it blossomed into a “Love, Love Me Do” cover. :) I guess there’s at least one Beatles song in every singer/songwriter. Doing the arrangement this way was a nice touch.

His Love Endures—the backing vocals are very effective. This is another song that I find myself singing to myself during the day.

Don’t You Be Tellin’ Me—sort-of a cross between “Werewolves of London” and “Jesus is Just Alright”. The opening riff on the piano immediately brings to mind Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”. Then following the bridge the “don’t you be tellin’ me that this ain’t God” chorus reminds me of the Doobie Brothers song. Cool tune, dude!

Hope I haven’t offended you with any of my comments. I really like the CD, and I find the tunes and lyrics to be catchy; they come to mind, are easily recalled and bring some hope and peace to busy times of life. I pray that God continues to gift and enable you in this ministry.

God bless,

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