Letter To Radio City Music Hall

Christopher Rath


I sent this email to Radio City Music Hall, but never received a reply. The discourteous behaviour they imposed upon us was simply continued as they ignored my email. Given their F-U attitude, I have no plans ever to return to the venue.  To provide some context for the email I've quoted, below, here are some notes:

  • Jean and I attended the show on 4 Dec.
  • the lens referred to was a Nikkor 28–70mm f2.8 zoom lens (not overly "big" by modern photo standards)
  • the full text of their camera policy reads as follows: ARE CAMERAS ALLOWED IN THE MUSIC HALL? For the Christmas Spectacular and other family events, 35mm and digital cameras will be permitted in Radio City Music Hall, however, you must refrain from taking pictures during the performance. Taking photos during events is distracting not only to the performers, but your fellow patrons as well. Video cameras/recorders are strictly prohibited. This policy will be strictly enforced. For concert events, this policy is at the discretion of the artist. Please call Guest Relations at 212-465-6225, any weekday during normal business hours, for more information. (emphasis theirs)

Radio City Music Hall management have revealed themselves to be inconsiderate liars. I recommend that consumers spend their money elsewhere and not encourage further bad behaviour on the part of Radio City Music Hall management.

From: Christopher Rath < >
Sent: Sun 2011-12-04 16:52
To: feedbackradiocity@thegarden.com
Subject: Camera policy

Today, my wife and I attended your Christmas Spectacular. We are only in New York City for one night, staying in a hotel. Before setting out to the show, today (Sun. @ 11:00 am), I made a point of going to your website and confirming your camera policy states, “For the Christmas Spectacular and other family events, 35mm and digital cameras will be permitted in Radio City Music Hall…” (copied from http://www.radiocitychristmas.com/newyork/faq.html).

Based upon that policy, I carried my camera with me. This was convenient because we had to check out of our hotel room before coming to the show, and we have other events later in the day when we wanted to use the camera (we had no plan to use the camera inside your hall).

When I arrived at the door, I discovered that your FAQ is wrong: my camera was taken from me by a surly man who told me that my lens was too big. When I told him that the website says that camera can be brought in, he simply repeated his mantra, “The lens is too big.”

Radio City Music Hall management should have the common courtesy to post its actual policy. I have no doubt that in confiscating my camera you had no intent of accepting liability to replace my camera should it have been lost or damaged while in your “care”. If your published policy had indicated the actual rules, I would have gone out of my way to make alternative arrangements for my camera.

Your disrespect for your patrons disappoints me, and simply reinforces New York City’s unfortunate reputation for being filled with rude, inconsiderate people.

Please update your website to explain Radio City Music Hall’s actual camera policy, and remove the fiction you currently have posted.

Christopher Rath

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