PC Recommendation

Christopher Rath


As someone who publishes their opinion on the Internet, and as someone who has spent the past 20+ years working in Information Technology, I am often asked to provide my recommendation on what PC someone should purchase.  I never tell someone which computer they should purchase, but I do have a spiel I give wherein I attempt to help the asking party determine what to buy.

Here is an "answer" to the question, "What is the best computer for me to buy?"

There is no generically "best computer to buy". Each user has their own priorities, and as such for each user there is a different “best” machine. Here are some questions to consider:

Build a matrix with the questions on one axis and computer models on the other axis. Then rate each machine against each question (how well does it meet your requirement) and tally the result. That should help you quickly come to a decision.

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