The Northern Ireland Vote To Accept
The 1998 Peace Accord

Christopher Rath


This is a letter to the editor that I sent to CNN's Global Desk after it was announced that Northern Ireland had voted to accept the Peace Accord.

From: Christopher Rath
Sent: Sunday 1998-05-24 04:57 AM EST
To: CNN Global Desk
A message to N. Ireland on their vote to accept the Peace Accord

Men and women of Northern Ireland; today I salute you, I complement you, I join with you. Today you have begun a wonderful Quest together. You have stood and put trust, truth, honour, and peace above personal gain, revenge, self-reliance and hate. Just as an older quest led to a fragile, earthen-ware chalice, your quest has exposed fragile and delicate human hearts. You have risked pain, and all humanity hurts with you in the knowledge that forces opposed to your marvellous journey will continue to violate individuals, as you stand together to face the enemies of your Quest.

My own country, along with many others, has been shamed by the courage you demonstrated today: you have together done what we have so far been unable to do. Please execute the plan you have endorsed, for even faltering progress will make us all better people, and the world a better place. You have charted the way towards a place better than the one we all share today. Your course will continue to challenge the rest of humanity to put division and strife underfoot, and to recognize that the ties which join us together are like a body’s skeleton---a frame supporting our growth---and not bondage limiting our freedom.

(from Kempen, Germany, where I am attending my Grand-Mother’s funeral)

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