Toshiba M200 Tablet PC Review (Part 2)

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Toshiba M200

In September 2004 (16 months ago, as I write) I purchased a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.  This review is intended to provide my perspective on the usability of the M200 and my satisfaction with the Tablet PC.

Overall Comments

This is the first laptop I've used that had a very high resolution display. The M200 comes with a SXGA (1400x1050 pixel) screen, and now that I've become accustomed to that resolution I would be very reluctant to return to plain a XGA (1024x768) screen.  SXGA screens are available on most Dell models, so this isn't unique to the M200; however, HP and Lenovo/IBM TabletPCs are only available with plain XGA panels and so I would not consider buying one of those Tablet PC models.

I do not regret my purchase of the M200, and later this year when the M200 is two years old and I will replace it, I will look to acquire another Tablet PC.  The Tablet PC functionality comes in handy in three situations:

  1. When I have a need to use my laptop in a confined space---like sitting on an airplane.  In my current job, I fly 50 weeks a year. As long as I have a first class, business class, or United Airlines Economy Plus seat I can use the laptop in its traditional mode.  About 10% of the time I end with a seat that doesn't meet those criteria.
  2. When reviewing MS Word or PowerPoint documents for others I receive very positive feedback when I mark-up the document by writing on it using the Tablet PC ink feature.  This positive feedback has caused me to use the M200 in this situation much more often that I expected to use it.
  3. When I want to use my laptop without drawing undue attention to myself I find that using the M200 in Tablet PC mode is much less conspicuous than using it in traditional laptop mode.  Although those seated immediately beside me notice that I am using a Tablet PC, the rest of the room sees me writing with a pen and paper.  The fact that the others in the room do not hear the clickity-clack of my typing also contributes to the stealth of the Tablet PC.

The M200 Hardware

All of my previous 6+ years of laptop use has been with Dell Latitude laptops.  I have made limited use of Apple and Compaq (pre-HP) hardware, and so any comparative comments are with Dell Latitude C and D class models.

Positives (i.e., where the M200 is better than a Dell):

Negatives (i.e., where the M200 is worse than a Dell):

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