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The cry to change Canada’s national anthem

Use of “Oh Canada” at the Winter Olympics has once again stirred the hearts of some to change our Anthem. In our National Anthem we sing, “True patriot love in all thy sons command.” This truly is exclusive language, but not in the manner which its detractors suggest; rather, it excludes those who are not called to true patriot love.

Historically, “sons” are those who receive an inheritance and in accepting it also take on a responsibility to care for the family. In using the word “sons”, our Anthem expresses the idea that those entitled to inherit are also expected to defend Canada.

It is distressing to me that many people seek to cast aside our history and heritage, and so water down the call our Nation makes to us. Are you a “son” of Canada, one called to defend and inherit the nation’s future? Or, are you merely an occupant, one who enjoys living here and partaking of Canada’s benefits? “Sons” receive responsibilities as well as benefits.

Let us reject any cry to water down the call Canada makes to us, the call our national anthem expresses. Instead, let us invest in educating Canada’s citizens. We must resist all gratuitous political correctness and replace it with real literacy and a true understanding of both our history and full citizenship’s responsibilities.

To those who seek to abandon our Anthem’s rich language I say, “Lest we forget!” Many true sons have died in defence of the freedom that Canada stands for: men and women. That today’s politically correct populous is so ignorant of the English language and our Country’s heritage is a sad commentary on the state of our society.


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