Letter To LA County Officials
Re: Their Desire To Eliminate
Computer 'Master' and 'Slave' Labels

Christopher Rath


I obtained the LA County officer's names and email addresses from the Department Contact List on the Los Angeles County website.

From: Christopher Rath < >
Sent: 27 November, 2003 17:29
To: David E. Janssen, Chief Administrative Officer <webmail@co.la.ca.us>, Jon Fullinwider, Chief Information Officer <>, Dennis A. Tafoya, Director Affirmative Action Compliance <>
Subject: re: LA County wants to eliminate computer 'master' and 'slave' labels


This email is in regard to the SFGate.com story today, entitled "LA County wants to eliminate computer 'master' and 'slave' labels".

I am greatly concerned and disturbed by the LA County Office's decision to request that manufacturers discontinue use of the terms "master" and "slave". While it is vital that we treat everyone with respect and dignity, actions taken in support of such treatment must be both reasonable and rational. I submit to you that your county's decision is neither rational nor reasonable, and the fact that you considered an appropriate remediation to be re-labelling a pair of VCRs "primary" and "secondary" serves to validate that my submission: where one device controls the other, the labels you have applied are in fact incorrect and misleading.

Please reconsider your decision. The elimination of discrimination involves educating people, and occasionally this means educating the person who believes they have been discriminated against---helping them to understand that it is their perspective that needs to be corrected, and not the other way around. This is just such a case, of the perceived victim requiring education.

When courts find us guilty where no crime has been committed, it hurts us all: it devalues justice. Your decision creates offence where none was made, and elevates the so-called victim to the position of victimizer; where society, rational thought, and reasonable behaviour have become the victims.


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