A Frustrated Canadian

Christopher Rath



These thoughts are still not properly organized or presented, but I am no longer able to keep them contained.  I may revisit them when I'm not so frustrated and angry, and get this turned into a proper essay, or I may not.  In any case, these are my personal opinions and no one else's.

Historical Facts

The following are either documented historical facts or are widely accepted observations:

My Frustrations

My personal frustrations with recent world events:

My Recommendations

Powerful nations must choose between two alternatives: to influence & further their agenda with either an open hand or a closed fist. It is unfortunate for us all that the US has chosen the latter option (interestingly, the same choice that Israel's King Rehoboam is reported to have faced when he inherited the throne from King Solomon [I Kings 12:4], and his subjects brought his reign to an untimely end).

Given my thoughts and frustrations, here are a couple of ideas I believe should be implemented:

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