An Appreciation For Classical Ballet

Christopher Rath


I’m not an aficionado of ballet, but my eldest daughter is a ballerina and I do enjoy watching her as she pursues something that gives her fulfillment. As I have been exposed to both classical and modern forms of ballet, I have come to appreciate classical ballet’s approach to dance.

Classical ballet strives to keep eroticism out of dance. In today’s world of Hollywood excess---especially gratuitous sexual content, this is refreshing. On the other hand, modern ballet has rejected this anti-erotic foundation.

Make no mistake, classical ballet has not rejected emotion and romantic relationship. Romeo and Juliet, and many other ballets, are examples of ballets telling romantic stories; but they do so without seeking to titillate the audience.

Modern ballet often steps forward and crosses the line into the erotic. A recent example is a modern ballet entitled Portable Dances, where the dancers parade about the stage in undergarments. Other modern productions feature naked or topless dancers. Anyone who argues that men watching such ballets should simply restrain themselves from becoming aroused is in denial about men and their hormones.

Although classical ballet dancers are often dressed in skin tight clothing, their body features are deemphasized and are not being strutted about the stage in a manner that seeks to arouse. As a man, I appreciate the effort classical ballet makes to keep classical ballet focused upon dance and the story being told though the dance.

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