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A discussion of qualifications for Home Group Worship Leaders (HGWL), and the expectations we have for them, can be conducted from several different perspectives. However, I believe two are primary:

  1. What we expect of HGWLs;
  2. What we can provide for HGWLs.

Because Home Group Worship Leaders are not on the platform, I submit that the perspective of provision, rather than requirement, is probably of more value to our church community at this time. The Home Group Leadership Team is acting as our agents in meeting fellowship and basic ministry needs; therefore our enabling of the Team is at least as important as the general requirements laid out for the Team.

Before continuing, I believe there is one important exception to the perspective stated above: That of the Home Group Leader. As the de facto representative of the eldership in a home group, much more should be required and expected of him.

So, this discussion of Home Group Worship Leaders will be done in two sections: "Expectation," and "Provision."


Listed in point form, some requirements presented without thought to order or precedence.

  1. Faithful to attend:
  2. Submitted to:
  3. Enough musical talent and ability to perform function.
  4. Must be a worshipper.

None of these points is surprising. This list is really just a subset of the qualifications for corporate worship team membership. Thus I have rated this section as second in importance; for the purposes of this discussion!

Provision And Training

Far more challenging to us, and of great importance during this time of growth, is the training and enabling of the home group leadership team. This discussion focuses upon that team's worship leader.

There are many people, men and women, at New Wine Community who meet the "Qualifications" to be a Home Group Worship Leader. However, of that group there are few who know what the job entails, and even fewer who have experience and/or training as worship leaders.

Because we have a need for Home Group Worship Leaders, I believe time would be better spent developing some kind of on-going training and fellowship than spent coming up with requirements for selection of Home Group Worship Leaders.

A list of possible training/enabling tools which could be put together for Home Group Worship Leaders:

  1. Monthly training/fellowship meeting.
  2. Regular one on one meetings between the elder overseeing the Home Group Worship Leaders and each worship leader.
  3. Establish an official distribution channel for new music being introduced by the corporate worship team.
  4. Have the elder overseeing the Home Group Worship Leaders make regular visits to each home group.

Closing Thoughts

As a program which trains and enables home group worship leaders is put in place, we should see more worship leaders spring forth in our midst. The initial benefit I see to this is a freeing up of the corporate worship team from the burden of both home group and corporate worship responsibilities.

I hope that this discussion has been clear enough to communicate my thoughts concerning Home Group Worship Leaders. While this paper could use a re- working, and expansion in some areas, there isn't time right now. I hope this will be of some use in deciding what to do with Home Group Worship Leaders.

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