Yamaha BMS-10A Tip

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Yamaha BMS-10A Tip

At the church I am part of, we are always looking for inexpensive ways to improve the overall sound. One of the changes we made some years ago was to switch from floor monitors to personal monitors. The band has varied in make-up over the years, but generally consists of a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards (piano and/or synth), vocalists, and drums.

In order to reduce overall monitor volumes and hence “monitor spill” we replaced our floor monitors with personal monitors mounted on mic stands. Specifically, we use Yamaha MS20S and MS202II powered monitors mounted on tripod-based mic stands using Yamaha’s BMS-10A adapter. This arrangement has worked very well and accomplished our goal of reducing monitor levels; however, the one problem we then faced was that the threads in the BMS-10A mic stand adapters would strip-out over an 18 month period—the church was meeting in a school gym and the monitors where set up and torn down at least once per week.

The very first personal monitor and adapter we ordered was a European BMS-10 and this caused us to have to use a North American to European thread adapter on the top of the mic stand. This monitor was used for a number of years prior to our wholesale replacement program and the receipt of a European adapter was a mistake that was easier to live with than correct. The European threads didn’t strip out in over 5 years of weekly set up and tear down. Later, when we made the decision to replace all the floor monitors with personal monitors the new BMS-10A adapters were North American threaded, but all came with a European thread adapter. This provided the clues for avoiding the thread stripping problem.

We now use the following technique to avoid the thread stripping problem:

  • install the European thread adapter (which came with the BMS-10A) in the BMS-10A and secure it in place using Loctite™ (http://www.loctite.com/)

  • install a European thread adapter on the top of the mic stand, again securing it with Loctite™
  • the personal monitor is then screwed into the mic stand using the male/female European threads

The Loctite™ is used to ensure that when tearing the equipment down, the North American threads are never accidentally unscrewed.

An unexpected benefit of this strategy was that it enabled us to re-use adapters that had stripped North American threads. The European thread adapter shipped with the BMS-10A is a cast and machined piece of metal and securely fastens into the BMS-10A even when the North American mic stand threads will no longer bite.


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NA to Euro Thread Adapter

NA to Euro Thread Adapter



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