Informal Specification: Proxy Logger

Christopher Rath


Proxy Logger

Proxy Logger's purpose is to allow users (or groups of users) to produce an annotated view of the web. This would allow the user to perform localized searches of the web in order to find web pages/sites that have previously been found to contain useful information.

Envisioned as a Squid HTTP cache module, Proxy Logger would intercept each HTTP request, use the URL as an index to a database, and display the retrieved data in a separate frame or window alongside the page retrieved as a result of the HTTP request. Proxy Logger data would be presented in an updatable field, which would allow the user to alter or add to the data. Where no data was retrieved from the database then an empty data field is presented to allow the initial entry of data; if the user so desires.

An additional module required to make Proxy Logger truly useful is a small web page that allows the user to search the Proxy Logger database.

A secondary function provided by Proxy Logger could be to maintain a permanent log of all websites visited by the user(s), along with a timestamp of exactly when the site was viewed.

The following is a set of random thoughts about implementation and use of Proxy Logger (PL):

A Related Thought

It would be useful for a small applet (running in the browser) to filter each URL requested and send designated URL's to some other browser. This is most useful in the case where the user generally uses one browser, but does occasionally visit a domain/website where that browser does not function properly.

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