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Christopher Rath

Expense Reporting

An expense voucher that can be used by a small business to have employees submit expenses, or by an employee of a larger company to create private expense vouchers used to consolidated expenses and track multiple currency expenditures prior to submitting an official corporate expense voucher. It is only available for Excel 2007 and above.

Hydro Ottawa Usage Plan Comparison

This workbook allows you to compare your monthly electricity usage against both of Hydro Ottawa's rate plans: Tiered and Time of Day.  In addition to handling both Tiered and Time of Day billing, it is able to deal with an invoice that is split between two different rate plans (e.g., seasonal changes between summer and winter rates).

Project Budget Tracking

A project budget to actual to tracking workbook. This performs simplified tracking and makes assumptions about expense spending.  This is intended for use on time and materials or fixed price consulting contracts. It is only available for Excel 2007 and above.

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