Newton Resources by Christopher Rath

I purchased an Apple Newton in 1996. Iím extremely pleased with it and I have created a few items which may be of interest to other Newton owners; so, I have made them available here. They are all offered without warrantee.

Newton Contacts to NEXTSTEP Addresses Converter

This is a Perl script that takes addresses exported from the Newton in comma separated value (CSV) format and converts them into the ASCII file format used by NEXTSTEP 3.3ís Addresses application.  These scripts are based upon my Perl CSV module.  Click here to download the .zip file.


While I am happy with the Newton itself, I am less than satisfied with the cases and holders currently on the market. So, I created my own. I call it the NewtTimer. More information (and pictures) can be found by following the NewtTimer link.

DynoNotepad Converter

Early in the life of my NOS 1.3 based MessagePad 120, I purchased DynoNotepad. I made extensive use of its outline facility, taking 250K of notes before upgrading to NOS 2.0. NOS 2.0ís outline facility meant I didnít need to use DynoNotepad; which was a good thing because DynoNotepad wouldnít run under NOS 2.0.

Until recently, I had been waiting (in vain) for a commercial converter for DynoNotepad; because it wouldnít run, I could no longer read those old notes I had taken. A couple of weekends ago I broke down and wrote just such a converter. Follow the DynoNotepad Converter link, for further info.

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