Diamond Grading Chart

Christopher Rath

30 April, 2002 (updated 2005-08-23)

Diamond Grading

Individual natural diamonds vary greatly; no two of them are alike. So, the American Gem Society (AGS) has created a diamond grading system to assist diamond buyers.  The AGS used to make a chart of the grades available on their website, but that chart didn’t print well.  Recently, I was shopping around for a diamond and wanted a small pocket-sized version of the grading chart; so, I made my own based upon the one the AGS publishes.  For detailed information on how to use this grading chart, please see the consumer information section of the AGS website.

Click on the image, below, to open a printable (PDF) version of the grading chart.

Click here for an MS Excel version of this grading chart (which is how I created the chart, above).

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