Flash Cards for Music

This set of flash cards is not yet complete; I only create them as we require them for use in our own home. Print this page and cut out the images and captions; then glue the each image on one side of a file card, and the corresponding caption on the other.


Commercial use of these images is prohibited; except with written permission from Christopher or Jean. See below for our address and telephone number.


Miscellaneous Musical Symbols

TrebleClef.gif BassClef.gif Sharp.gif
Treble Clef Bass Clef Sharp
BarLine.gif RightRepeat.gif Flat.gif
Bar Line Repeat Flat
DownBow.gif UpBow.gif BreathMark.gif
Down Bow Up Bow Breath Mark
EighthRest.gif EighthNote.gif  
Eighth Rest Eighth Note  
QuarterRest.gif HalfRest.gif WholeRest.gif
Quarter Rest Half Rest Whole Rest
TimeSig44.gif TimeSig34.gif Staff.gif
4/4 Time Signature 3/4 Time Signature Staff
QuarterNote.gif HalfNote.gif WholeNote.gif
Quarter Note Half Note Whole Note
DottedQuarterNote.gif DottedHalfNote.gif DottedEighthNote.gif
Dotted Quarter Note Dotted Half Note Dotted Eighth Note
DottedQuarterRest.gif DottedHalfRest.gif DottedEighthRest.gif
Dotted Quarter Rest Dotted Half Rest Dotted Eighth Rest


Notes - Quarter, Half & Whole

G2Q.gif G2H.gif G2W.gif
G - Quarter G - Half G - Whole
A3Q.gif A3H.gif A3W.gif
A - Quarter A - Half A - Whole
B3Q.gif B3H.gif B3W.gif
B - Quarter B - Half B - Whole
C3Q.gif C3H.gif C3W.gif
C - Quarter C - Half C - Whole
D3Q.gif D3H.gif D3W.gif
D - Quarter D - Half D - Whole
E3Q.gif E3H.gif E3W.gif
E - Quarter E - Half E - Whole
F3Q.gif F3H.gif F3W.gif
F - Quarter F - Half F - Whole
Fs3Q.gif Fs3H.gif Fs3W.gif
F# - Quarter F# - Half F# - Whole
G3Q.gif G3H.gif G3W.gif
G - Quarter G - Half G - Whole

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