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I have scanned or photographed these album covers for my own use.  All these images are copyrighted by their respective owners; however, I don't believe I am violating any the spirit of the law by making them available here for others.  If any copyright holder would rather their album cover’s image not appear then please let me know and I will immediately remove it.


As a result of posting these album covers here, I have begun to receive requests from individuals looking to track down used copies of old Agape/Candle releases, like Ants’hillvania and Animals and Other Things.  I've done some searching around on the web and found that the following websites often have used copies of these old LPs and cassettes for sale:

The Covers

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Animals And Other Things, Candle LP (unimproved version)

Antshillvania, Candle LP

Glorify Thy Name, Hosanna! Music cassette HM-8

In The Regions, Alan & Yvonne, a self-published cassette

Praise And Honor, Hosanna! Music cassette HM-10

Sir Oliver’s Song, Candle LP

Take My By Surprise, Church at the Mission CD

The Music Machine, Candle LP

The Spirit of Christmas, Hallmark cassette

Arise And Sing, Hosanna! Music cassette HM-12

I Will Rejoice, Hosanna! Music cassette HM-11

Fill The Air, Niagara Worship Band cassette

Celebrate His Love, Niagara Worship Band Cassette

Tchaikovksy--1812 Overture & Others, CD

A Time For War, Jeff McLeod personal release

Edify The Church, Mark Woodley, Image 7 Cassette

Get A Jump On Eternity, Hosanna! Music Sampler CD

I Am Yours, Robert Critchley personal release

Louder Than Words, Allison Music Cassette

Lullababy--Tender Dreams, Laura Nashman personal release

Pressin' On, Jeff McLeod personal release

Sail Away, Lyle Johnson personal release

Songs of Glory--Instrumental Hymns, Reflections of Nature CD

Vivaldi--The Four Seasons, CD

Through A Glass Darkly, Ken Bresnen, Victory Artists Cassette

Worship Together Live Worship Music Sampler, Worship Together CD

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