I purchased an Apple Newton some months ago. While I am happy with the Newton itself, I am less than satisfied with the cases and holders currently on the market. So, I created my own. My address, etc. is listed at the bottom of this page; in case you would like to contact me for more information.

Here’s how it looks on my desk:

NewtTimer_Deskside.jpg [102K]


More Details

The design criteria I used were:

My primary objection to all of the commercially manufactured Newton carry-cases was that they were all designed with small size as their primary design criteria. Since I wanted to continue to use my DayTimer binder (just swapping out the paper portion of the DayTimer) I was not primarily concerned with size.

I purchased a small piece of scrap aluminum at a local metal work shop (a 3 foot by 3 foot piece was $5 Canadian). I constructed a caddy which holds the newton in place (by cutting with tin-snips and bending the sheet metal), and has holes drilled in it so that it fits into the daytimer binder. The newton slips into it and is held in place by the tension of the holder. Some foam pipe insulation (1/8 inch) was used to protect the newton. Here are some other views of the Newton:

Empty NewtTimer holder
NewtTimer_Empty.jpg [40K]


Top view of holder
NewtTimer_TopVw.jpg [40K]


Right-side view
NewtTimer_RtSdVw.jpg [40K]


Bottom-side view
NewtTimer_BttmVw.jpg [40K]


All of the photos on this page were taken with an Apple QuickTake 150 camera, cropped, and finally converted into JPEG format.
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