Soft Hearts

Christopher Rath


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                           Soft Hearts

* Pick up on Mike's "Authentic Christianity" teaching
     - "The end of a thing is determined when it's built:  Build
       well and it will last -- build poorly and it won't."

* An interesting incident:
     - Grace's hurt finger & healing.

* It's amazing what's hidden away inside!
     - but God knows....

* Jer. 18:1-4  "The Potter's House"
     - the Hebrew word for 'marred' also xlated 'ruined'
     - what was the flaw?
          = too hard? == to soft? == bits of stone in clay? == disfigured?
     - but because the clay is soft the flaw is easily corrected.

* Jer. 19:1-2, 10-11a, 14-15  "Stiff Necks"
     - when clay is fired in the oven, the heat causes a chemical
       change to take place.  The grains of clay are bonded
       together -- you can't just add water and mix any longer.
       God can't take the Betty Crocker approach any more.

* So, the flawed jar is broken.

* God says, "Stiff necked people".
     - the idea in the Hebrew here is of 'unresponsive oxen'.

* Let's bring this home to US!!
     - when we're first saved God can add a little Holy Spirit
       (water), let it mix, and we change.  Not so easy when we
       get older.

* Saved --> preserved for future USE.
     - so we're not decorative!!  We're good sturdy pots.

* Moldability is an attitude of the heart -- just like worship!!
     - if we stay soft hearted the molding process is easier
          .....easier ON US!!

* Heart Attitudes?
     - 1 Cor 13 type attitudes
     - prefer one another.
     - encourage one another.
     - you are your brother's keeper.

* Jer. 18 says, "...potter formed it as seemed best to Him."
     - God's desire is for His best for us -- He love's us

* Let's not wait for the final "breaking" on day of judgement.
     - but we have to help one another!!!
     - WE are the body of Christ.  Not I or Me!

* Return to Mike's teaching
     - Father God molds and fashions us.
     - The trial (the fire) comes and SETS things into us.
     - That's good and bad.

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