Home Meeting Purpose & Goals

Christopher Rath



We're going to take time over the next week or two, to talk about Home Meetings. I believe we need to know why we exist, and what we're trying to accomplish, if we are to be effective as a Home Group.

Our Congregation's Goals

The Home Meeting's goals must stem from the goals of the larger corporate body—the congregation to which we belong.

"We want to do the things that Jesus did, worship God, and help people."—Michael Cook

We're not going to dwell upon our congregation's corporate goals right now.

Home Meeting Purpose & Goals


To provide a time and place to celebrate, experience, practice, and extend our redemption in the context of small group relationships.


  1. To worship God; to better learn to worship God.
  2. To provide adequate pastoral care for each member of New Wine Community.
  3. To enable each member to develop deep and lasting relationships.
  4. To provide a secure environment for the practice and development (Testing) of ministry gifts.
  5. To provide a place for crisis healing.
  6. To provide a place for process healing.
  7. To develop servant leaders.
  8. To evangelize neighbourhoods or friendship circles.
  9. To multiply (approximately yearly).

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